March 2020

.. and reflecting on February 2020

Looking back on February post Running Run 84.56 km. I’m done with 123 km. I’ll be doing 10 more today, resulting in 133 km in this month. It’s been good running wise. I have bought a pair of Airpods Pro as a reward. ✅ ... [More]

Early Success

.. and some upcoming failure

Remeber this post. Well I do? Update on the monthly goal Running Run 84.56 km. Yesterday I ran 8.07 km, making it to 85 km monthly. Today I ran another 3 and I’m at 88 km. I still have about 9 days left. With my current... [More]

February 2020

.. beating the instant gratification monkey

BLUF: Fun Long Ranty Self Deprecating Post. Yes, it has pictures The instant gratification monkey has been winning for a very very long time now. I’ve been failing to do things that don’t have any explicit deadlines. The only deadline is death. If you don’t know what the instant gratification... [More]

Its here

.. the wait is over

I finally got my own MacBook! I have been tinkering with the idea of getting my own MacBook Pro for a long time. Going back to early 2015. I would tell my self that I’d get a MacBook Pro if I get into and... [More]