July was fine! Ran 30 out of 31 days. Today is still left, this post is being written early morning on the 31st.

  1. Running: I wanted to run 90.34, with a stretch goal of 124. I ran 132.8 km, meeting the stretch goal. Looking forward to subscribing to waking up with Sam Harris. ✅

  2. Weight: I am 61.25 today. I wanted to be 62, so I did well in this goal. ✅

  3. Reading: I am done with 5 chapters of Site Reliability Engineering Handbook. Also finished Brothers Karamazov. Long classic indeed. No wins, as the win is covered by the running goal. ✅

  4. Side Project: The internal MVP is here. Its working, its slow. ✅

  5. Nike Training Club: I did do 12 workout sessions, split between skipping and NTC. All good here, will be getting a workout mat today. ✅

  6. Finish Doom: I finished Horizon: Zero Dawn. Already bought Ghost of Tsushima. ✅

  7. Blogpost: Wanted to write a half year reflection blogpost. Decided that monthlies are good enough. ❌


Month Planning

  1. Running: I have 297.8 kilometers left in my 1000k goal. Goal is to run 90.34 km. Stretch goal is to run 200 km. If I hit the stretch goal I get a boxing bag. Loss as always is £50 to charity.

  2. Weight: I am currently at 61.25. I am working towards being 60 by the end of August so that is the goal. Stretch goal is being 59. There are already prizes associated with both the goals.

  3. Reading: I’ll be reading the Innovators Dilemma this month. In addition to that 5 chapters of the SRE Handbook. Also, one AD lecture every weekend. Loss: £50 for charity.

  4. Side Project: Get to an external Beta is the goal for this month. Loss: £50 charity.

  5. Nike Training Club: Do 12 workout sessions, like last month. The 7 minute detox doesn’t count. Anything below 15 minutes doesn’t count. Loss: £50 for charity.