Okay August is here, 5 months left. This is where the weight story turns around I hope.


  1. Running: I wanted to run 150k I ran 150k. ✅

  2. Reading: I wanted to finish 4 parts of Musashi, I did. I also finished Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir. ✅

  3. Weight: I was supposed to be at 63, I am at 64.50 ❌

I did some donation earlier in July, that covers both the previous retrospective and this one.


  1. Running: I have different Kilometer readings from Strava, Nike’s Yearly Leaderboard, Nike’s Yearly Run View and the 2000k Challenge on Nike. I’ll go with the Strava numbers as they seem to be the most consistent. Going by that I need to run 835.7k still. I’d have loved to run 300k this month but its just too hot and I am getting used to the temperateur still after my time off. Having said that, the minimum I have to run is 5.463k a day but I’ll try 6k a day with a day of rest. So 180k, is the goal.

  2. Reading: I want to finish Red Mars By Kim Stanley Robinson.

  3. Weight: I am 64.50. I just want to be 63 by the end of this month. I am confused if I should aim ambitiously or low. I’ll go with aiming low.