April and May

.. yes I wasn't consistent

I thank Siddharth Jain for nudging me to write this post. Accountability matters. Review of March Running - I did run the half marathon in 1h 45m, I’d call it a success. I didn’t run as much as I would have liked but the half marathon was great. I’d... [More]


.. monthly checkin

Review Running - Wanted to run 150km; and I ran a little over 150km ✅ Weight - I wanted to weigh 66 but I only got to 66.65 ❌ Lifting - I did Stronglifts as often as the app recommended and a trial session at a gym ✅ Reading... [More]

I am back

.. to monthly goal setting

This is going to be a short post. I haven’t blogged in a year. My last blogpost was about gaining wait and what I wanted to do about it but I have gained a bit since. In April I left my job and New York and set out travel. I... [More]

I'm getting fat again

.. the fattening

Yesterday involved almost no exercise, a trip to Chick Fil A to get a Spicy Chicken Sandwich Meal with large Fries and a Lemonade, three high calorie drinks, 10 pieces of dumplings and another trip to Chick Fil A to get the Chicken Sandwich with medium fries and a chocolate... [More]


.. another year

Ok, 2021 ended. I realized I didn’t blog in November or December. Wonder what happened. I think I didn’t do very well in October on any of these goals and the last two months got busy. Anyhow, lets reflect Retrospective October Running: I don’t think I finished... [More]