.. June was alright

Review of June Running - Instead of running 10k every other day in Gurgaon; I ran 5k every day as I could run only around the society and that got boring too quickly. Still got the miles. While in London my running was semi regular. As promissed I did... [More]

Boredom is a privilege

.. and other self advice

Yeah this isn’t the monthly post. The monthly post will be here tomorrow. It’s 3:03 am; I woke up. I am reflecting. Some ideas come to mind - Boredom is a privilege - I can afford to be bored. Boredom shows that I am financially stable enough to not... [More]


.. May was alright

Review of May Running - I wanted to run 2 half marathons(or adjacent) a week from the 13th of May. 20k on the 13th, 21k on the 17th of May, 21k on the 20th of May, 17k on the 24th of May, 21k on the 27th of May and... [More]

April and May

.. yes I wasn't consistent

I thank Siddharth Jain for nudging me to write this post. Accountability matters. Review of March Running - I did run the half marathon in 1h 45m, I’d call it a success. I didn’t run as much as I would have liked but the half marathon was great. I’d... [More]


.. monthly checkin

Review Running - Wanted to run 150km; and I ran a little over 150km ✅ Weight - I wanted to weigh 66 but I only got to 66.65 ❌ Lifting - I did Stronglifts as often as the app recommended and a trial session at a gym ✅ Reading... [More]