Keeping the Blog alive

.. got to keep posting

Its been a month since the last post. I thought I’ll write something. In the past month I moved into my own place. It’s a nice small room really close to work and have fabulous flat mates. I took part in a hackathon to save wildlife. We built a system... [More]

4th post from London

.. I shouldn't be counting

What have I managed to do in the last week? Got a few pull more requests accepted Understand a little finance now Beginning to understand work better Done with one of my milestones at work Got accepted for a Gamedev Hackathon I haven’t done much about the... [More]

Buskers in London

.. week 2 cause we count from 0

What have I managed to do in the last week? Got a few pull requests accepted Reviewed someone elses code I’m picking up speed. I’m slowly understanding how the code works and how C++ works. Also, as I continue my work I understand the importance of const.... [More]

One Week Later

.. still getting used to London

So I have been living in London for a week. What have I managed to do in the last week? Opened a Bank Account (mail me if you want to send money) Collected my BRP Card Applied for my insurance number Got a pull request accepted Turned 22... [More]


.. or my struggle to get here

It’s been seven days since the last post and I have travelled about 7000 Kilometers. Haven’t achieved much. Flew into Delhi from Guwahati. Spent a few days at New Delhi meeting friends from University and School. Then flew to London on Jet Airways. The person handling the boarding passes won’t... [More]