May was fine. Running was consistent. I ran on 30 out of 31 days, all days except today. The workouts went as expected, I swapped some NTC sessions with jumping rope. Reading was consistent as well. There wasn’t much action on the side project until recently. Any who, here are the details

  1. Running: I wanted to run 90.3340 km. I ran 95.44 km over 30 runs. The win was continued self respect, the loss was 50 bucks to charity. I guess I get to keep my self respect. ✅

  2. Weight: I started at 68.50, the aim was to get down to 66.0 this month. I was 65.35 this morning, the lowest I have been was 65.10. I am happy I met this goal. The win was a Go Pro Hero 7. I can’t travel and I don’t think I’d use a Go Pro much even if I could. I went for a more cheaper and healthier win, I bought a blender. The Nutribullet should be delivered soon. ✅

  3. Reading: I wanted to finish Liars Poker, I did. I wanted to read 5 more chapters of Intelligent Investor, I did. I wanted to finish the TailWind and React Course I did. All achieved. The win was a laptop sleeve, I’ll add that to the queue, as I don’t need it immediately. ✅

  4. Side Project: I wanted to create something with a backend and a front-end. I soon shifted gears from Netlify and started working on a job board. Then I shifted to an activity tracker. After much deliberation and with time about to end, I picked a CLI and made and released a project called Entropy. The other goal was to come up with a longer term project, I am down to two ideas. Will decide on one before posting this post, the win was a Herschel backpack. Adding that to the queue. ✅

  5. May Sky Challenge: Failed this one. Failed this one rather quickly. Miserable performance. No wins or losses, so I am safe. ❌

  6. NTC: I wanted to do 13 NTC workouts. I settled for 5 workouts and 8 rounds of skipping. The win was more workout equipment, will get a few running/workout t-shirts delivered. ✅


~If I don’t end up narrowing down from the 2 ideas to 1 then I’ll mark 4 as a failure. I have made a donation regardless.~

Month Planning

  1. Running: Have to keep up with the running goal for the year(1000 km for those who just started reading this blog). Current daily minimum is 2.914 per day or a total of 87.42 km(goal). I rounded up to 3 per day for May, I’ll try doing 4 per day and hit 120(beyond the goal). Win: The good feeling that comes from running. Loss: £50 to charity.

  2. Weight: I am 65.35 kg today. I have run out of things I want to buy and I wanted to do longer term goals this time around. The current goal is to get down to 60 kg by the end of August. I need to lose about 2 kg per month for the next three months to get there. Win: iPhone 12, if I get 60 kg. A cheat meal on every 2 kilos lost, and another at the end of a successful month. Loss: £50 for every month that I don’t get to the desired weight. Bonus: If I get to 59, I become eligible for the higher end of the iPhone 12 lineup.

  3. Reading: Start and finish Antifragile by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. Finish the remanining chapters of The Intelligent Investor. One Aswath Damodarn lecture every weekend. I want to get done with the Intelligent Investor so that I can start with the Site Reliability Engineering Handbook next month. Win: Book of choice. Loss: £50 to charity.

  4. Side Project: This is the part where I list the project mentioned in the 4th point in the retrospective section. Loss: £50 for the every month the goal isn’t met. Win: Profits if any go to buying an audio system. An audio system is a nice to have and I don’t want to add it as a win of an easy goal. This one is the most difficult goal in the list of goals. I have narrowed down on the project and done some planning around it and have some goals for myself. For now all I can say is, that we’ll be releasing a beta in September hopefully. Dropped both of the ideas and picked a completely different one.

  5. Nike Training Club: Running is fine and dandy but I need to work out in addition to running. Like last month I am shooting for 12 Nike Training club trainings, but this time intermediate or higher levels. At most 6 may be replaced with jumping rope. An NTC workout can be replaced with time spent in an actual gym if they decide to open up. Win: Workout gear if needed. Loss: £50 for charity.

Additional Goals

  1. Finishing Doom: I have had the habbit of buying but not finishing games. I want to finish Doom & Horizon: Zero Dawn so that I can buy Ghost of Tsushima when it comes out. Will start out buy finishing Doom this month. Win: Can start finishing Horizon: Zero Dawn and then eventually get Ghost of Tsushima. Loss: No new games

  2. Swimming: If swimming pools open up I’d like to sign up and learn how to swim. 🤞