This is going to be a brief post. Kinda sleepy, don’t feel like typing a lot. Will just summarize the month and set out some goals.


  1. Running: I wanted to run 172k minimum, and 200k ideally. I ran 201k, I was supposed to get a game at 200k. I bought Hitman 3 for the PS5 prematurely so that’s the gift! I bought a PS5, something that I had won through the running/weight reward system a few months ago. Sold my Series S. ✅

  2. Reading: I finished Beginning of Infinity and the “Earth” part of Musashi. I made another trip to the book store but couldn’t find any book that I was looking for. I’ve ordered “Attack of the 50 foot block chain”, “Digital Gold by Nathaniel Popper” & “Red Mars”. Digital Gold doesn’t have a delivery date yet, might cancel it in favor of The Bitcoin Standard which is now in stock. Bitcoin is amusing, I am stuck in the middle. I struggle to see a lot of value in it and I don’t know enough to decry it. So I bought two books, one for and one against BitCoin. ✅

  3. Weight: I had started the month at 64.75 and I am 64.60 this morning. I wanted to be at 62.50, and ideally under 62. I made promises of not ordering from food apps but I broke it rather quickly. There’s something wrong here, I could apply the punishments last year pretty easily but now I can’t. I have been diligent in recording my weight and I have come to realize that Burger King doesn’t deliver happiness, or it doesn’t last longer than the first few bites. Struggling to lose weight, end up ordering crap pretty often. What gives? ❌

  4. Mindfulness: Didn’t do much here. Maybe meditated twice.

June 21


  1. Running: I need to be on 991.780 by the end of June to be on track. I am done with 847.8. So theoretically I could be done for this month by doing just 147k but running is one thing I am doing well at, and I want to continue doing well at it. I’ll run a minimum of 167k and an ideal of 200k. 50GBP charity if I don’t hit the 167k marker.

  2. Reading: I don’t have my June reads with me yet. Having said that, I’ll get done with the next two parts of Musashi. I believe they are called “Fire” and “Water”. It’s been an amazing read so far. I’ll cancel the Digital Gold book and get the Bitcoin Standard delivered tomorrow if it’s still in stock! So those two books are my reading goals.

  3. Weight: This has continued to be bad in the past few months. Though may was the only month where I went net negative, only marginally. I am at 64.60 as I said. Ideally I’d like to lose 2 kilos. I have said a lot over the past two months, so I’d like to be quiet and get this done this time. I wish I get my discipline back. Please comment, if you have been through this.

I think that is enough. I’ll not track mindfulness. I don’t want to have too many things listed for this month. Hope to meet Bhavdeep at the end of this month, or early next. More on that if the trip happens.