A pragmatic summary

.. of the pragmatic programmer.

So I finally finished reading the Pragmatic Programmer after owning it for almost two years now. I was introduced to the book during my Google Summer of Code at Nmap by my mentor Daniel Miller. Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship and The Pragmatic Programmer are the... [More]

Are you an athlete

.. why aren't you trying to become one?

What separates a school level Athlete from a State Level Athlete? What separates a State Level Athlete from a National Level Athlete? Consistency When Valentina Rossi was new to the scene and was competing against Max Biagi an all time champion, history was made. Valentina Rossi beat Max Biagi,... [More]


.. and problems around designing them

Last week during the boot-camp there was a talk by the Aakash Dharmadihkari, Chief Product Officer @ GO-JEK. He talked about a lot of things starting with the meaning of the word product and how design works. He gave an example of how difference in design makes two people who... [More]

Given a choice

.. always cut the scope.

Today we had a discussion on The Project Management Triangle. For those of you new to this term, here is a diagram. To optimize quality you as a product manager will face three constraints. Time: The time constraint refers to the amount of... [More]

How to Version Software

.. what are those numbers?

Today in class, we had a small discussion on how to version software. The discussion started while we were going through someones ruby Gemspec file. The coach asked: What is the ~> symbol? This was followed by the question. What does version 6.5.1 even mean? Think.... [More]