May 2020

.. and reflecting on April 2020

Looking back on April post Running Running, I wanted to run a minimum of 87.42 km. Earlier in the month I was rather bullish and was expecting to run more but with the lock downs and the park closures, running took a hit. I ran just... [More]

Life in the time of Corona

.. going off track

early month reality check In the last two months around the 17th or the 20th I’d post early wins where the minimum number of kilometers was hit. This months it’s going to be the opposite. That sucks. I’ve been blaming this on the virus. I can’t be outside of... [More]

April 2020

.. and reflecting on March 2020

Looking back on March post Running Run 90.334 km. Assumed that I’d run 112 km because of the trip. Well the trip didn’t happen, due to COVID-19. Ended up running 114.4 km. Haven’t been running in a week now. There’s a lockdown and the near by... [More]

Mid March 2020

.. some goes done, some close, some far

Mid March Update post March I was supposed to have friends come over. We were supposed to go to Spain. Neither happened because of the Corona virus. When Spain had 100 patients on the 2nd of March we decided to abort our trip to Spain that was... [More]

March 2020

.. and reflecting on February 2020

Looking back on February post Running Run 84.56 km. I’m done with 123 km. I’ll be doing 10 more today, resulting in 133 km in this month. It’s been good running wise. I have bought a pair of Airpods Pro as a reward. ✅ ... [More]