.. and another one

Retrospective July was fine! Ran 30 out of 31 days. Today is still left, this post is being written early morning on the 31st. Running: I wanted to run 90.34, with a stretch goal of 124. I ran 132.8 km, meeting the stretch goal. Looking forward to... [More]


.. so far so good

Retrospective June was fine! Ran 29 out of 30 days but met my goal and my stretch goal. NTC was fine as well, though I should put a ban on shorter NTC exercises or follow Talebs rule and only do tougher exercises than the last one I did. Any... [More]


.. almost half of the year is gone

Retrospective May was fine. Running was consistent. I ran on 30 out of 31 days, all days except today. The workouts went as expected, I swapped some NTC sessions with jumping rope. Reading was consistent as well. There wasn’t much action on the side project until recently. Any who,... [More]

Down 10

.. Up 423

I’m down ten kilos Since I strated the monthly goal and accountability blog posts in the beginning of February, I have lost 10 kilos. I have learned that its about getting there and not getting there now. I have tried to get there now, that has never worked. Patience... [More]