Are you an athlete

.. why aren't you trying to become one?

What separates a school level Athlete from a State Level Athlete? What separates a State Level Athlete from a National Level Athlete? Consistency When Valentina Rossi was new to the scene and was competing against Max Biagi an all time champion, history was made. Valentina Rossi beat Max Biagi,... [More]


.. and problems around designing them

Last week during the boot-camp there was a talk by the Aakash Dharmadihkari, Chief Product Officer @ GO-JEK. He talked about a lot of things starting with the meaning of the word product and how design works. He gave an example of how difference in design makes two people who... [More]

Given a choice

.. always cut the scope.

Today we had a discussion on The Project Management Triangle. For those of you new to this term, here is a diagram. To optimize quality you as a product manager will face three constraints. Time: The time constraint refers to the amount of... [More]

How to Version Software

.. what are those numbers?

Today in class, we had a small discussion on how to version software. The discussion started while we were going through someones ruby Gemspec file. The coach asked: What is the ~> symbol? This was followed by the question. What does version 6.5.1 even mean? Think.... [More]


what is it?

Day 4 of the boot-camp ended today. The session ended with the answer to the question “What is growth?”. Growing up we have been told on multiple occasions by parents, friends, teachers and other well wishers that we should do X because doing X will... [More]