.. new year, but really?

I thought I’ll have all the answers after traveling. I don’t have any answers sorry. With the monthlies I plan on getting life back on track, and hope to get ideas from there. I was away from home for 3 weeks of December, and that’s my excuse for not doing... [More]


.. the grind includes December

This is the end of the year. This is it. This is what we have been waiting for. This one will be a bit different, after the regular monthly retrospective I’ll look at the goals I had set out in the mother of all retrospective posts, the original one from... [More]


.. and a look back at October

Retrospective Running: I wanted to run minimum 93.6 km, I am done with 160.1 km. No wins here. ✅ Weight: I weighed 59.78 this morning, which is 2.45 less than what I started but still not under 59. I have found a weakness in Nutella... [More]


.. why September was a failure

Retrospective September was fun but it wasn’t good for my weight. I went out to eat with friends multiple times. I had my birthday on the 15th and turned 25. In that week I was ordering and eating out pretty often. Even went for brunch. I haven’t been very... [More]


.. less than a quarter left

Retrospective August was rocky! Ran 28 out of 31 days. Writing on the 1st as yesterday was a bit busy. Running: I wanted to run 90.34 km with a stretch goal of 200km. I finished 200km! I win a boxing bag, I’ll probably get a gym subscription... [More]