This is going to be really brief. I am writing this from Istanbul.


  1. Running: I wanted to run 167k I ran 167.1k. I am at 1014k for the year. ✅

  2. Reading: I read two parts of Musashi and The Bitcoin Standard. ✅

  3. Weight: I was supposed to be down to 62.60, last I checked I was at 64 on the 25th of June after being at 63 for most of the month ❌

I’ll add the charity pic later. Definitely by the July retrospective.


  1. Running: I’ll run 150k. I want to run enough to be on track. I am out of country till the 24th of July, travels makes running difficult but I should manage 150k regardless.

  2. Reading: I want to finish three chapters of Musashi. Ideally I finish 4 Chapters and I am done with the Book. Win: I get the latest book by Andy Weir.

  3. Weight: Haven’t had a successful weight goal in the year so far. Wow. The way I have been eating in Turkey, I doubt I’ll hit the goal this month. Anywho, convservatively I’d like to be at 63 by the end of the month.