June was fine! Ran 29 out of 30 days but met my goal and my stretch goal. NTC was fine as well, though I should put a ban on shorter NTC exercises or follow Talebs rule and only do tougher exercises than the last one I did. Any who,

  1. Running: I wanted to run 87.42 km. I ran 120.1 km which was the stretch goal. No monetary prizes here. I save £50 charity bucks. ✅

  2. Weight: I am 63.75 today. The lowest I have weighed this month was 63.35. I wanted to weigh 64 by today. I did, no loss here either. This adds up to the weigh 60 by August end and win iPhone goal. I get a cheat meal though! ✅

  3. Reading: I finished Antifragile. I finished The Intelligent Investor as well. I also saw one lecture of AD every month. I win a book I guess. ✅

  4. Side Project: The project that I had selected got changed but we made some progress on the new project. feel confident about releasing a beta by September 💪. As of now we have a landing page and are working on a product. ✅

  5. Nike Training Club: I did do 6 NTC sessions and 6 jump rope sessions. So this was achieved as well. I win workout gear, I am thinking of getting a cycle. They seem expensive though, and I am not sure if I will ride it enough as I have limited time. ✅

  6. Finish Doom: I finished doom, the Icon of Sin has been destroyed and the Khan Makyr is dead. I have started playing Horizon: Zero dawn. ✅

  7. Swimming: Surprise, surprise. The pandemic is still a thing and pools haven’t opened. When I think of it I can maybe skip the cycle for swimming training.

Month Planning

  1. Running: I am so far done with 569.30 km this year. My required daily average is down to 2.34 km! I’ll still continue with the original requirement of 2.914 km daily or 90.34 km for the month. Lets round it up to 3 daily, so the goal is 93 km for this month. Lets have a stretch goal of doing 4 km daily for a total of 124 km. If I don’t hit the goal I donate £50 to charity. If I hit the stretch goal I get an year long subscription to Waking Up by Sam Harris. Mindfulness isn’t cheap.

  2. Weight: I want to weigh 62 km by the end of the month. This sounds achievable. If I don’t I donate £50 to charity. This is me working towards the 60 by the end of August goal. If I do get to 62 by 31st of July, I get a cheat meal. I want to add a stretch win at 61, Last of Us Part II.

  3. Reading: I wanted to take up something different for my reading goals. I will be reading Fyodor Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karazmov, its a fairly long classic. It will be a challenge. On the technical side I’ll be reading 5 chapters of the Google Site Reliability Engineering Handbook. Loss: £50 to charity. Win: Waking up by Sam Harris, yes this is DR.

  4. Side Project: This is again me working towards the September release date. This months goal, for me would be to have an MVP working internally. Loss: £50 for charity.

  5. Nike Training Club: Do 12 workout sessions, like last month. The 7 minute detox doesn’t count. Anything below 15 minutes doesn’t count. Loss: £50 for charity. Win: A Workout Mat.

Additional Goals

  1. Finish Horizon: Zero Dawn: I want to finish the game so that I can get Ghost of Tsushima when its out.

  2. Blogpost: I should write a blog post reflecting on the first half of the year.