Its here

.. the wait is over

I finally got my own MacBook! I have been tinkering with the idea of getting my own MacBook Pro for a long time. Going back to early 2015. I would tell my self that I’d get a MacBook Pro if I get into and... [More]

Call to Action

.. sharing an email I wrote a while back

Wrote an email a while back while on a trip to Amsterdam. The gifs were added later. Hey, If you are receiving this email it’s because of the following reasons. After reading this don’t surf the web, think for 15-20 minutes and then respond. You are one of the... [More]

Learning distributed systems

.. or coming up with a lesson plan

I’ve decided to learn about distributed systems. They seem really interesting. I’ve been looking at the theory but in a very hacky way. I’m trying to come up with a more directed plan on learning distributed systems. I usually learn things by doing. I like to get my hands dirty.... [More]