This month was full of ups and downs. The ups were bad, weight went up. The downs were bad too but got some reading done & some running done. At the end of the month I started meditating again.


  1. Running: I wanted to run 167k, I ran 170k. I get a mag safe charger.✅

  2. Reading: I finished “Permanent Record” by Snowden and picked up “Beginning of Infinity” & “Musashi”. ✅

  3. Weight: I wanted to lose 2 kilos I gained 1.15. This needs to be kept in check. ❌

  4. Mindfulness: I’ve started doing mindfulness again, could have done more.

Regarding the charity for the weight loss goal not being met. I have done some donations for the COVID cause in India.


  1. Running: I am done with 642.6k out of 2000k. That means I am just on track. Minimum goal for this month is to be done with 172k. I personally want to do 200k. Charity of 50GBP if I don’t meet the minimum. If I do get to 200k, I get a game.

  2. Reading: I have to finish the Beginning of Infinity. I’ll get done with the first part of Musashi, “Earth”. If I win I make another trip to the book store. If I lose I, do a 50GBP charity.

  3. Weight: Haven’t done enough in this regard. I’ve been going up. I’ll have to put some rules in place. I’ve been lazy to cook & bored of my cooking. I’ve been drinking Soda. I’m putting a permanent ban on sugared soda & desserts till I’m down to 61. I was more diligent about measuring weight this month, it didn’t prevent me from eating crap though. I need to get a proper sleeping schedule, I’ve been snacking in the night. I think I have been bored/stress eating as well. I need to start counting calories again properly and be under my limits. I woke up this morning at 64.75, I’d like to be under 62.50 by the end of the month. If I’m not there, I will not order from the food apps anymore till I’m under 60. Another loss is 100GBP charity. Win: I get something nice, guilt free, I don’t know what yet, win only applies if I am under 62.

  4. Mindfulness: I go harsh on myself. I’ll continue practicing mindfullness. No goals here. I’ll report how it goes.