Looking back on April


  1. Running Running, I wanted to run a minimum of 87.42 km. Earlier in the month I was rather bullish and was expecting to run more but with the lock downs and the park closures, running took a hit. I ran just over the monthly minimum at 87.57 km. Prize here was jumping ropes. ✅

  2. Weight I started at 69.25 and I wanted to be 66.50. This afternoon, I weighed 68.50. That was after lunch though, I’d likely weigh less before lunch as a day before I was 67.9. Any who, this is failure. This didn’t work out, so I need to donate 50 quid to charity. ❌

  3. Reading I wanted to finish deaths end and 5 chapters of intelligent investor. This got done! I added a lamp as a mid month prize, I bought it before finishing the book. ✅

  4. Side project I wanted to build a CI. Here it is. Mid month I had added a motivator. The win was a copy of Hitman 2. I don’t need it, but if I do I’ll get it. ✅



Corona poses uncertainitiy. It really tests discipline. Sitting at home isn’t great for weight loss. That in mind, here are Mays goals

  1. Running I want to run the daily minimum that’s 2.914 a day so a total of 90.33400 km. I think this is ambitious enough given the lock down and the heat outside. Win: Self Respect. Loss: 50 GBP Charity to a food/health charity

  2. Weight I’m at 68.5, but my without food weight is probably around 68.00. I want to get down to 66. That is ambitious, given Corona. I worry that if I don’t set ambitious goals, I’ll probably go over my current weight. How do I achieve this? I’ll bring serious IF + 1500 again, I have been snacking outside of feeding hours. That needs to stop, new IF hours are 1pm to 9pm daily. I’ll start sleeping on time, a fixed time. I plan on sleeping at 1 am and waking up at 9 am, every day for the rest of the month. Weekends included. Any time that I snack outside of 1 pm and 9 pm, I’ll donate a meal on the Share The Plate App. Loss: 50 GBP to a food/health charity. Win: A Go Pro Hero 7

  3. Reading I started reading Liar Poker by Michael Lewis. I want to finish that. I also want to read 5 more chapters of Intelligent Investor. In addition I had started watching a lecture of Aswath Damodaran every weekend, I’ll continue that. I want to get done with the tutorial series on Tailwind CSS and the basic tutorial on React.com. Loss: Donate 50 GBP to Khan Academy/ Wikipedia or equivalent. Win: A laptop sleeve.

  4. Side Project Not sure what to put here. For now lets say, release something in the wild with a frontend and a backend. It’s tough to measure products in a month and have a goal for it. I’ll probably come back to this tomorrow. I’m not sure what metrics to have. Number of users? Revenue? How do I do all of this in a month? So for now its vague, release a product for the world. I think having an MRR / active user count goal in the longer term is reasonable, so the goal here is to come up with a project scoped to a few months with a clear MRR/active user count goal. If I finish both these things, Win: A Herschel Backpack. Loss: 50 GBP Charity to Khan Academy / Wikipedia / Coding Group

Side Project Idea: If I don’t change it by end of day today, the side project is making a netlify clone. Essentially you write config on Github and your website gets hosted somewhere on a subdomain.

  1. May Sky Challenge Found this on Hackernews. Seemed interesting. Basically have to look at the Sky before looking at the phone on waking up. I’m in. No wins or losses here but I will share my success rate.

  2. NTC I want to do 3 NTC workouts every week. That’s about 13 for this month. Success: More workout equipment. Loss: Weight/Food Charity, the usual.


I have been thinking of the post COVID world. I’ll be doing the following

  1. Lifting weights

  2. Learning how to swim with a trainer