I have to write this blog post. I have strayed off the path. I want to get back on the path by the time I am done writing this post and create some accountability.

The Problem

If you have been following this blog in the last year you must have seen monthly pots about weight, running and reading. Last year I lost a lot of weight, when I started I was 75.95 kilos and at my lowest I was 59.33 kilos. The lowest weight was on the 24th of October. The last measurement for 2020, was on the 10th of December, the day I flew to America for a trip. I was 60.73 kilos on that day. I was back home to Abu Dhabi on the 14th of January and I measured 62.95 kilos on that day, thats about 2 kilos gained while in America.

This morning I weighed in at 64.90 kilos. The lowest I have weighed this year has been 61.75 and the highest I have weighed has been 65.65. I am slowly but steadily erasing the progress that I made last year. Here are a couple of graphs that illustrate the problem.


This graph is from last year! See how consistently I have been weighing myself being mindful about my weight.


This graph is from this year. It continuously breaks. The measurement starts on the 1st of February because I had data for January in a different chart. Weights going up.

What has changed?

I have been running more than I did last year. Last year I set out to run 1000k and ended up running around 1550k. This year I have set a goal of 2000k and I am tracking well. For most of the year that was my exercise. In February & March I was boxing and in October and November I was going to F45 but for the bulk of the year I was going for a run. Which I am still doing.

My eating habit has changed. When I was traveling in America I stopped intermittent fasting and stopped counting calories as well. I came back and spent around 12 days in a hotel in Dubai. While I was at the Hotel I was still ordering from outside and that slowly became a habit.

Ordering food online is really easy. Extremely easy. I order food and then I end up ordering desert. I order when I am not hungry. I order when I am bored. I do “emotional eating”. I have not been able to enforce the sugar bans, the food ordering bans or intermittent fasting.

What do I do?

I need to get back on track. I need to stop straying from the way. I’ll be religious about logging my weight in the morning. I’ll be religious about intermittent fasting. I’ll not eat if I am not hungry. If this month turns out bad, I’ll start counting calories religiously again.

Holding the eating binge, being disciplined feels good. Gratifying myself with food feels good for a few minutes and mid-way during the eating it feels like crap. I should focus on being more disciplined, and the reward that comes from holding the line.