Learning distributed systems

.. or coming up with a lesson plan

I’ve decided to learn about distributed systems. They seem really interesting. I’ve been looking at the theory but in a very hacky way. I’m trying to come up with a more directed plan on learning distributed systems. I usually learn things by doing. I like to get my hands dirty.... [More]

Planning travel

.. can it be a little easier?

Past Work In 2016 Prabhjyot and I had built this tool that we called RouteRush, it’s sole job was to come up with an itinerary. The app was simple enter some amount of money and it would find out where you are and will come up with a trip... [More]

Keeping the Blog alive

.. got to keep posting

Its been a month since the last post. I thought I’ll write something. In the past month I moved into my own place. It’s a nice small room really close to work and have fabulous flat mates. I took part in a hackathon to save wildlife. We built a system... [More]

Buskers in London

.. week 2 cause we count from 0

What have I managed to do in the last week? Got a few pull requests accepted Reviewed someone elses code I’m picking up speed. I’m slowly understanding how the code works and how C++ works. Also, as I continue my work I understand the importance of const.... [More]