How to Version Software

.. what are those numbers?

Today in class, we had a small discussion on how to version software. The discussion started while we were going through someones ruby Gemspec file. The coach asked: What is the ~> symbol? This was followed by the question. What does version 6.5.1 even mean? Think.... [More]


what is it?

Day 4 of the boot-camp ended today. The session ended with the answer to the question “What is growth?”. Growing up we have been told on multiple occasions by parents, friends, teachers and other well wishers that we should do X because doing X will... [More]

Spec Driven Development

write specifications not tests

Day 3 of the boot-camp concluded today. We had our first exercise on Test Spec Driven Development. At Go-Jek we don’t write tests, we write specifications. So we spent close to 7 hours today working on a very simple problem. Why did we take so long? We were trying and... [More]

Internship at Go-Jek!

an extremely brutal boot camp

Between my previous internship and my permanent job I had a few months so I decided to make myself useful and do an Internship. I wanted to feel how a start up feels like and Go-Jek seemed perfect. Go-Jek is Indonesia’s first Unicorn and provides every service once could think... [More]

My time in Singapore

3 months and 17 days

So part of this blog was written on February 22 and never published. I haven’t had a post in 3 Months and 17 days. So I thought I would push a big update all together. February 22 and Before This post like any other post by me has no... [More]