Buskers in London

.. week 2 cause we count from 0

What have I managed to do in the last week? Got a few pull requests accepted Reviewed someone elses code I’m picking up speed. I’m slowly understanding how the code works and how C++ works. Also, as I continue my work I understand the importance of const.... [More]


.. pardon my absence

It’s been about twenty days since I last wrote a blog post. The practice of writing about 2 blog posts a week sadly ended with the boot-camp. Sidu was right again I guess, being disciplined is hard. Being professional is even tougher. I plan to write a blog every Sunday... [More]

And another weekend goes by

.. from your limited 1500 weekends

This has been a long weekend. 4 days of holidays. The weekend ends tomorrow but it already feels really stretched and wasted. Last Friday we had a talk by the CTO of Go-Jek in the evening. One thing that stuck after the talk You only have 1500 weekends in... [More]

A pragmatic summary

.. of the pragmatic programmer.

So I finally finished reading the Pragmatic Programmer after owning it for almost two years now. I was introduced to the book during my Google Summer of Code at Nmap by my mentor Daniel Miller. Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship and The Pragmatic Programmer are the... [More]

Are you an athlete

.. why aren't you trying to become one?

What separates a school level Athlete from a State Level Athlete? What separates a State Level Athlete from a National Level Athlete? Consistency When Valentina Rossi was new to the scene and was competing against Max Biagi an all time champion, history was made. Valentina Rossi beat Max Biagi,... [More]