1. Running: I wanted to run minimum 93.6 km, I am done with 160.1 km. No wins here. ✅

  2. Weight: I weighed 59.78 this morning, which is 2.45 less than what I started but still not under 59. I have found a weakness in Nutella Waffles. Process sugar is bad. Process sugar is addictive. In a pact with a friend to make Nutella Waffles 0 till I actually get under 59. Other ordering is okay, as I am starting to get bored with my cooking. Anywho, lose 50 quid here.. ❌

  3. Reading: Finished inspired but not chromosome. Still a win but no material wins here.. ✅

  4. Side Project: I am happy with the progress I made this month. ✅

  5. Exercise: I got 22 sessions of f45 done this month which is a lot more than 12. I get to buy another month. ✅

  6. Meditation: This wasn’t great but better than last month got 15 meditation sessions done. ✅

Here’s the £50 charity.


Month Planning

  1. Running: 87.42 minimum, that is a daily average of 2.914. If I don’t subscribe to f45 then 120 minimum. £50 penalty if I don’t win.

  2. Weight: Nutella Waffles are blocked till I am below 59. My current weight is healthy BMI but I want to get lower. If I end this month higher than 60 I get a £50 penalty.

  3. Reading: Want to finish Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins, will get the Audio Book! £50 loss if I don’t finish.

  4. Exercise: If I do sign up for f45, I want to do 12 classes minimum! £50 loss otherwise.

In addition to the above will track progress for meditation and side projects and report back!