Ok, September is here. 4 more months left. I know I am writing this on the 5th of the month. The last few days have been busy!


  1. Running: I wanted to run 180k, I ran 182k. ✅

  2. Reading: I wanted to read “Red Mars”, I ended up reading “Attack of the Blockchain” ✅

  3. Weight:: I wanted to weigh 63. I weigh 65.5. Clearly not a win. ❌

I made a 50GBP donation to the University of Toronto for missing the weight goal.


  1. Running: I want to be at 1496km by the end of the month. That is at least 140 more kilometers in the next 25 days. So about 5.6 a day. Lets round this up to 6 a day, for a total of 150 in the next 25 days as the ideal goal.

  2. Reading: I want to finish “Subtle art of not giving a fck” by Mark Manson.

  3. Weight: I weighed 65.90 this morning. Not proud. 3 days of eating and no exercise. 63 would be ideal.