August was rocky! Ran 28 out of 31 days. Writing on the 1st as yesterday was a bit busy.

  1. Running: I wanted to run 90.34 km with a stretch goal of 200km. I finished 200km! I win a boxing bag, I’ll probably get a gym subscription instead. ✅

  2. Weight: This was funny. I so lows of 59.70 and highs of 63. I finished at 59.80 kg, so I hit the goal. I get an iPhone 12 when it comes out. ✅

  3. Reading: I’m done with the innovators dilemma, 5 chapters of the SRE Handbook and AD. I don’t win anything here. ✅

  4. Side Project: This is almost done, decided to put in some fixes at the end. Will be donating to charity, will update this post when done. ❌

  5. Nike Training Club: This went well, I am done with 12 Chapters. ✅


Month Planning

  1. Running: I have 93.6 km left for a 1000 km. Thats the goal now. Loss: £50 charity

  2. Weight: Though I ended August at 59.8, I started September at 61.3, essentially wasting the entire month. Hopefully if it came back on the last day, it should go away quickly soon. So plan is to get down back to under 60 and then to 59. If I get to under 60 by the 13th of September I get a GoPro. If I don’t get to 59 by the end of the month I have to donate £50 to charity.

  3. Reading: I want to read Godel Escher Bach, I understand its a large book and a tough read. Happy finishing half of it. I’ll be away for two weeks, so this month I’ll be happy reading 2 chapters of Google SRE Handbook and watch two AD videos.

  4. Side Project: The goal is to release the product this week and get a hundred sign ups. Loss is donating £50 to a charity.

  5. Nike Training Club: Do 12 workout sessions, like last month. The 7 minute detox doesn’t count. Anything below 15 minutes doesn’t count. Loss: £50 for charity.