Review of June

Running - Instead of running 10k every other day in Gurgaon; I ran 5k every day as I could run only around the society and that got boring too quickly. Still got the miles. While in London my running was semi regular. As promissed I did run a 30k and I also ran a 22k on the remaining weekend after coming back from India. Overall I consider this a net draw. I am happy about the long runs but I could have run more still. ❌

Lifting - I had signed up for a gym in India. I did a lot of StrongLifts when I came back to. Happy to report this as a win. ✅

Reading - I wanted to finish Wandering Earth. Half way in to the book I realized I had finished Wandering Earth a long time ago and the remainder of what I was reading were other disconnected stories. At the 60% mark I left the other stories and started listening to Endure by Cameron Hanes instead. Got done with 80% of that book. This one feels like a win. ✅

Weight - Weighed in at 64.x after the 30k on the 29th of June. On the 30th I was away so I couldn’t measure. ✅


I will be in London. I will have family around. On some weekends I will be travelling but I will have at least one of the two days to go for a long run!

Running - 10k every other day. At least half marathons on the weekends. Would love to hit 36k on some weekend. Can settle for 33k.

Lifting - StrongLifts every other day that I am not running.

Reading - I want to finish Endure as I just have 20% left. I want to pickup and finish another book. I have Meditations by Marcus Aurelius on my list but might opt for something easier.

Weight - I want to be 63.x. I will have a penalty if I measure more than 65.x.