I thank Siddharth Jain for nudging me to write this post. Accountability matters.

Review of March

Running - I did run the half marathon in 1h 45m, I’d call it a success. I didn’t run as much as I would have liked but the half marathon was great. I’d call this no win / no loss on average.

Weight - I wasn’t 65kg at the end of the month ❌

Lifting - I was traveling & I was sick. I didn’t lift as much as I’d have liked ❌

Reading - I didn’t finish Range By David Epstein; I got bored at the 30% mark ❌

I had cold showering as a goal and I dind’t, I am not indexing on that anymore.

April a look back

No goals were set, that’s already a bad start. At the end of the month I did weigh in the 65.x range. I’d call that a win. In the middle I was out for an offsite in Atlanta and I didn’t workout as much as I could have. Running wise ran a half in an event on the 2nd of April, and then another half randomly around the 25th of Apirl. Ran other short runs & did go to the gym. I’d call the month even on average.

Update - I signed up for the Berlin Marathon. My first full Marathon, I’ll take part in it on the 24th of September. Sodhi wants me to finish it within 3h and 30 minutes, I’ll be happy with 4h but I don’t want to let Sodhi down. I’m raising money for a charity that is funding research to cure & treat Type 1 Diabetes; the name of the charity is JDRF. Here’s a link to donate. Shout out to anyone who has donated so far and special shout outs to Vasin, Havard, Sodhi, Galen and Derek for giving me a really solid start to the Marathon journey in terms of their charity contributions.

May so far

May started with no goals on this blog. Here’s a recap

1st of May - I ran a half marathon randomly.

2nd of May till the 8th of May - I was out in Barcelona for work & visiting a friend. No physical activity. Lots of going out for meals and drinks. Not healthy over all.

Since I have been back from Barcelona I have been relatively healthy. Have run a few short runs and been to the gym twice. For context today is the 13th of May. This morning I weighed in at 65.85. Not a complete disaster but I hope the unhealthy beahvior in Barcelona doesn’t prevent me from running a half.

May looking forward

Running - I want to be able to run 2 half marathons a week. If I count from today there are 2 and a half weeks. I’ll be really happy if I run 5 halfs this month. Will try to run one immediately after this post.

Lifting - I want to do 3 or 4 visits to the gym. Taking 3 as the bench mark and looking forward that means about more visits to the gym this month. It will be great if I keep increasing the suggested amount.

Reading - I haven’t been reading at all in the last few months and I want to start with an easy read to get going. I’ll be reading Brave New World by Aldous Huxley this month. I just bought it on Kindle.

Weight - I want to weigh in the 64.x range by the end of the month. Penalty if I am in the 66.x range or more.

Fitness brief - Ideal would be 2 long runs (half marathon adjacent), 3 or 4 visits to the gym and a medium run every week.

The above goals hopefully enforce some amount of discipline when it comes to eating, sleeping & going out on the weekends. In an attempt to eat healthy and eat at home I just bought some more spices & I will start roasting chicken/fish at home with some veggies. For the last three months dinner either has been fried eggs, bread and milk or some takeaway; hoping I can be healthier for the rest of the month. When I am out at work I am trying to get something healthy like Farmer J’s & Birleys.

Thanks again Sid for nudging me to write this. I haven’t run much since the 1st of May (half), and the last few runs have beeb <5; but as I type this I want to try and do a half now. Hope I report back with success.

Any readers - please donate here. This will support a good cause and keep me on track on my goals.

Side - I am trying to get some drums lessons as I now have a set. I am waiting for confirmation from Greenwich music school but if that doesn’t come through I’ll just go with another teacher nearby. I’ll do this by Wednesday tops.

FLUPS for this post

I need to take the loss on the three losses in March, and I will donate £150 to my own Berlin Marathon fundraiser by the end of week tops


I will now put on shoes, drink some water and go for a run. Hopefully I run a half blog

I’ll update this thread about drums lessons

Drums lessons are booked. I have booked 7 lessons until the 16th of July. Did this on the same day of the post