Another decent month. Weight loss still a failure.


  1. Running: I wanted to run 5.54k a day for a total of 155. I just finished 150.1k. So this was good! Getting new shoes. ✅

  2. Reading: I have finished The Martian. I bought a copy of The Daily Stoic. ✅

  3. Weight: Failed this. I weigh 63.10 kg. Failed this. Will make a donation. ❌

  4. Mindfulness: I did five meditations not ten. ❌

  5. Cycling: Went cycling twice. Need to pump those numbers up. ❌

  6. Swimming: I have found a swimming instructor. Will start classes in a week. ❌



  1. Running: I need to do 172 kilometers. If I win, I get smart scale. If I lose I lose 50 pounds.

  2. Reading: I plan on reading the “Heart of the Buddhas Teachings”. If I win, I get another book. If I lose I lose 50 pounds.

  3. Weight: Want to get to 61.00. I am on 63.10. I need to do this. If I lose I lose 50 pounds. I don’t have a win planned.

  4. Mindfulness: I’ll be happy if I do 10 sessions of this. No wins, no losses.

  5. Cycling: I went cycling last weekend and I absolutely loved it! The cycling goal is to do 20k every weekend. No wins, no losses for this month.

  6. Swimming: Do a couple of swimming lessons.