Review of May

Running - I wanted to run 2 half marathons(or adjacent) a week from the 13th of May. 20k on the 13th, 21k on the 17th of May, 21k on the 20th of May, 17k on the 24th of May, 21k on the 27th of May and finally 17k on the 31st of May. Did the shorter 5/7/10k runs in between too! Would call this a win. ✅

Lifting - I did do the suggested lifts! On the 29th and 30th I was in New York; I couldn’t find a gym in the hotel but I’ll excuse myself from that. Would call this a win. ✅

Reading - Did finish the book. ✅

Weight - Weighed in at 64.x when I left London for New York. Haven’t measured since. Measured 65.x multiple times. So a ✅.


I will be in Gurgaon for the week and then flying to London on Monday the 12th of June; spending the weekend in Mumbai.

Running - I don’t know how to run in Gurgaon but Preet is inspiring and he runs 21ks around his colony so I can at least do 10ks. Having said that; I want to run at least 10k every other day while I am in Gurgaon. Ideally I run one of the two days while I am in Mumbai/Karjat. After I am back; I want to run a 10k every other day in London. Want to aim for a long long run for when I am back so want to try 30k on the 17th of June; and >=21k runs on every weekend.

Lifting - Got access to a gym in my parents society! Went there today. Will keep going there every other day doing strong lifts! Won’t be able to gym on the weekend and the 12th of June; unless my flight lands in time and the home gym is still open. But will keep at it with Strong lifts.

Reading - I am flying so much. Might as well read. Downloaded Wandering Earth on my Kindle; want to finish that.

Weight - I will not be weighing myself for a few days. More importantly I didn’t weigh myself on the 31st so the win I took for May it was based on the 28th of May. Having said that I want to be 63.x by the end of the month. I will pay a penalty if I am above 65.x. All of this to ensure that I am still running and not eating too much while I travel. Worried about this one honestly.


Drumming - Did drums every Sunday starting the 14th of May. Skipping the 4th and 11th of June as I am away but will keep at it when I am back. I should take out time during the week to practice more 🥁

Standup Comedy - I had done a set in Brazil last year. I have written some more bits since. I think I will be really happy if I do more of standup comedy. Will go for open mics when I am back in London and go up for one 🤞