This is going to be a short post.

I haven’t blogged in a year. My last blogpost was about gaining wait and what I wanted to do about it but I have gained a bit since. In April I left my job and New York and set out travel.

I had fun. I visited the following countries

  1. Mexico
  2. England
  3. Netherlands
  4. Sweden
  5. Poland
  6. Czech Republic
  7. Austria
  8. Slovenia
  9. Hungary
  10. Slovakia
  11. Albania
  12. Montenegro
  13. Bosnia & Herzegovina
  14. Croatia
  15. Brazil

I spent my time living with friends, at hotels, AirBnbs but mainly hostels. I didn’t have any plans. In Mexico I learned how to surf, speak some spanish, dance some salsa. I attended a week long music festival in Hungary. Went on a roadtrip around Europe with friends from highschool. Spent a lot of time with family. Tried a lot of food in Brazil. Learned about the break up of Yugoslavia in Bosnia. Went to a massive bunker in Tirana in Albania. I didn’t have much structure.

Eventually I started craving structure and started plotting my move back to the UK. I used to live here back in 2018, before I had left for Abu Dhabi and I always had a connection with this place. Now with my sister living here, friends from high school & University & friends who I had made during my time here & other connections it made sene to move back to the UK. I have been here since the 31st of December.

In January I wanted to run 100km and I did. In comparision, in all of 2022 I ran 395km. I lost some weight as well. In an attempt to bring back more structure to life, I am getting back into the goal setting posts that I used to back in 2020/2021. Here is February -

Running - Run 150 Kilometers, I got done with a total of 27.03 todaday. So I am on track. Trying to run a half marathon in April.

Weight - Around the 31st of December 2022, I was at around 70.3 kg. This morning I was at 67.80kg, yesterday it was 67.30 and I ate a ton. I want to be under 66 by the end of the month. At that point my BMI would be in the “healthy range” but I do want to continue losing further.

Lifting - I don’t just want to run. I want to lift as well. I have signed up for Strong Lifts and I want to do it religously for a few months before I find a more intermediate program. I did my first session this morning, I want to do it 4 days a week.

Reading - I want to read a book a month minimum. In January I finished “Never Finished” by David Goggins. In February I at least want to finish “Forever War” by Joe Hadelman. I can finish a lot more books if I shift to audio books, thinking about this.

I want to get into the habbit of cold showering and have moved the temperature dial in the shower fair bit to the colder side. I am tempted to pick up meditation again but I think I’ll keep to the above list for now. The lifting goal might get replaced by a group training plan later this month, still figuring out what’s right.

What I love about running is that its just me and my shoes. With going to the Gym there are so many different exercises, so many different forms to learn. Can one do it on their own? Or do I need training? Do I need personal training or group training? Running feels simple & cheap, gymming feels the opposite. Bikeshedding to Strong Lifts hopefully gets me into the habbit & gives me enough priors to decide better.