Yesterday involved almost no exercise, a trip to Chick Fil A to get a Spicy Chicken Sandwich Meal with large Fries and a Lemonade, three high calorie drinks, 10 pieces of dumplings and another trip to Chick Fil A to get the Chicken Sandwich with medium fries and a chocolate milkshake.


That’s a total of 2730 Calories from Chick Fil A, 420 Calories from dumplings and 518 calories from the high calorie drinks. That’s 3668 calories. Meanwhile Apple tells me that I just spent 380 active calories moving. This doesn’t work. No wonder I weighed in at 68.2 kgs this morning.

The second trip to Chick Fil A wasn’t even necessary, I was on my way back from an Open Mic and I saw it on the way, had some cash in my pocket and told myself “if its paid for via cash and not card it doesn’t count” and got the meal. I ate out of boredom. This is the pre 2020 me and to be fair a good part of 2021 me as well.

For long time readers of the blog, you might remember that in 2020 I went down from 76 to 59.75, I was proud, healthy and loving it. Since January 2021 I have been gaining weight but they way I have been thinking of it has been “I lost a little over 16 kilos but gained X and X is < 16”. The difference between 16 and X continues to decrease, which sucks. Also anchoring on the 16 kilo lost is not helping. You are only as good as your last month and for the past 13 months I have been gaining weight sometimes slowly sometimes quickly. That means I have been degrading. I’m trying to think of this as being 68 and getting down to 60.

All this is coupled with a lack of exercise and barely running 50kms in the month of January. My excuse for that has been the cold. I need to either sign up for a gym or just go out and run. Maybe its time to start playing Jocko & Goggins on loop again.

Being the right weight not only regulates blood pressure and keeps things like diabetes & heart disease away it also helps with life on the daily. One looks better, running becomes easier, surfing becomes easier and overall the quality of life becomes better.

There was a time I’d be religious about 1500 calories a day and exercise. I was losing weight. Calorie counting & exercise does work. Intermittent fasting does work. I am bringing back religiousness around Calorie Counting and limiting myself to under 1500 calories for at least 6 days a week. I will also be religious about not having sugary drinks like milkshakes & coca cola.

I’ll be religious about logging my weight daily as well assuming I have access to a weighing machine.

Today I ended up having around 1200 calories spread over a couple of tacos, dumplings and an Apple pie. I should have resisted the Apple pie but it was for free at the office, no more of that!