Ok, 2021 ended. I realized I didn’t blog in November or December. Wonder what happened. I think I didn’t do very well in October on any of these goals and the last two months got busy. Anyhow, lets reflect

Retrospective October

  1. Running: I don’t think I finished the running goal. I’ll mark that as a loss for October ❌

  2. Reading: I did finish Bullshit Jobs. ✅

  3. Weight:: I don’t think I met the weight goal. ❌

Donation: My payment failed but the money got deducted. Will get back to this after talking to the bank.

Retrospective November / December / 2021

  1. Running: I ran 1980k according to Strava and about 2025k according to Nike. I wanted to run 2000k total in 2021. I couldn’t run the last week of 2021 as I got struck by COVID but I am happy about my running in November / December. December was full of Central Park runs as I live like 10 minutes from it now. ✅

  2. Reading: I read the Life of Pi in December. Good book. I wanted to read a book a month, I think I did manage about 11 books. Maybe I should manage Goodreads or something. November was the book less month. ✅

  3. Swimming: I wanted to learn how to swim properly. I didn’t do this. I should just get a coach and do this in 2022. ❌

  4. Martial Arts: I thought I’d do this but I dropped it early in the year in favor of running. Running 2000k requires constant effort. I’d not put a cross here but ⏸️

  5. Mindfulness: I didn’t meditate. I will do that on a daily basis starting today. ❌

  6. Running Marathon: I thought I’d run a Marathon in November, but some other things took priority and this didn’t happen. ❌


I’m still figuring out what 2022 should look like, I should have reflected more, but here’s some ideas

  1. I want to make more mistakes

  2. I want to explore

  3. I want to build better / deeper friendships. I want to do a better job of reaching out to people & talking to people.

  4. I want to read

  5. I will definitely be running but I’ll add in some gym or boxing. Might surf, more on that later.

  6. I want to learn to swim

Above was written on the 2nd of January, I continue writing on the 12th below.

2022 Yearly Goals

  1. Running : Run 1000km, a half marathon, maybe a full marathon

  2. Reading : 1 book a month minimum

  3. Aquaman : 2022 is the year when I am comfortable in water. For sure. I’ll improve as a swimmer, take classes if I have to and may pick up surfing.

  4. Make Mistakes / Explore: I don’t have metrics for this but I have ideas. Will write about this soon.


I have just run 7k so far. I’m lazying and eating crap. I think I need goals to get stuff done. So :-

  1. Running: Run 100k, 93 left. $50 fine otherwise.

  2. Reading: Finish reading “Einstein His Life and The Universe”

  3. Weight: I don’t have a weighing machine since I moved. I’ll buy one today. Its a great investment. I’ll get one from Target today and update my weight first thing tomorrow morning and have a weight goal.