Day -1: Left home for the New Delhi Railway Station. Took the afternoon Duronto to Kolkata.

Day 0: Reached Kolkata. Went around Kolkata. Saw the Victoria gardens and the memorial. Had food at Raj’s Spanish Cafe. Left for the airport.


Day 1 17th December: We arrived in Bangkok, we flew in from Kolkata. Left for Cambodia within an hour of landing in Bangkok by the morning train to Aranyaprathet. Crossed into Poipet, took a cab to Siem Reap.

Dinner in Seam Reap

Day 2 18th December: We went to the Angkor Temples. Hung around in Siem Reap. Took the night bus to Phnom Penh.

Angkor Temples

Day 3 19th December: Rested. Saw Phnom Penh by Day. Went around looking for a Vietnamese Visa. Found the best deal around 9 in the night in a shop opposite the Sisowath Quay, the option was the cheapest and the fastest. Had to wait in Phnom Penh till Monday evening for the visa.

A La Carte Monastery

Day 4 20th: Russian Market. Orussey Market. You could visit killing fields or whatever else Phnom Penh offers. Various museums.

Sisowath Quay

Day 5 21st: Got Visa in the evening. Hung around Sisowath Quay. There is a casino opposite to the river bank.

Day 6 22nd: Took the morning $9 bus to Ho Chi Minh. Hung around Ho Chi Minh. Discovered that BK at Ho Chi Minh has unlimited Soda. Went searching for a bike.

Bus to Vietnam

Day 7 23rd: Bought a bike Chingari. The rat bike we bought was certainly not worth what we spent for it. Maybe the other bikes would have broken down as well. Left for the Town of Mui Ne. Found a beach side bungalow for $10.

Chingari Beach House

Day 8 24th: Left for Da Lat also called the Paris of Vietnam. Bike broke down a couple of times while going uphill. Met this dude called Rocky 45 Km from Da Lat, turns out he owned a hostel. Stayed at his hostel Easy Rider Hostel or Intercontinental Hostel.

Paris of The East Pho Bao

Day 9 25th: Christmas. Drove to Nha Trang. The Ride was lovely. Crossed a national park on the way. Beautiful waterfalls. Stayed at the Backpackers Hostel in Nha Trang. Made some friends. The hostel was lovely. Went around Nha Trang.

Waterfalls on the Way

Day 10 26th: Left for Da Nang. Engine broke down a couple of times. The morning breakfast provided at the hostel was lovely. Reached Da Nang late at night.

Towards Sontra

Day 11 27th: Stayed at the hostel. Played with the PS4, read books and played Foosball with other hostelers. Saw the Sontra Peninsula and the Dragon Bridge in action.

Dragon Bridge

Day 12 28th: Left for Dong Hoi, gateway to Phong Nha Ke Bhang. The bike episode happened . Arrived at 3 in the night on the 29th.

Buffalo Pub

Day 13 29th: Saw the Phong Nha Ke Bhang Caves. The breakfast at the Buffalo Bar and Hostel was epic. Played pool with the hostelers.

Entrance to the Cave

Day 14 30th: Left for Hanoi. Reached Hanoi. Found my new love, the Doner Kebab at Banh Mi Doner Kebab. Went around Hanoi looking for potential bike buyers. Set up adverts.

Doner Kebab

Day 15 31st: Sold bike to this mechanic who went by the name Tony Hai for half of what we expected. Bad day I guess. Went around Hanoi. Spent new years at the Down Town Hostel and by the public celebration at Hoan Kiem Lake. Guessed someone was dutch because they ordered mayonnaise with Fries at Mcdonalds purely by applying my Pulp Fiction knowledge.

New Years

Day 16 1st January: Almost missed my day trip to Halong Bay. Woke up just in time. The guide would have left If I was a minute late. Saw the bay. Enjoyed lunch with some German people we met on the boat.

Ha Long Bay Dressed as a Vietnamese Person

Day 17 2nd January: Went around Ho Chi Minh a bit. Left for Vientiane. This day was spent in the bus mostly.

Day 18 3rd January: Reached Vientiane, Laos after a 23 hour long bus journey. Took the evening bus to Luang Prabang. Saw the most beautiful sky ever. The bus went through the hills, no lighting and no pollution. Felt like the stars were in 3D or something. Discovered long buses in Laos come with a free meal coupon.

Day 19 4th January: Left for Quang Si. Had to go back as friend lost his phone. Went around Luang Prabang. Met a guy Ritzo Holtman who had been cycling around the world. Spent 11 months cycling all the way from Netherlands to Luang Prabang, Laos.

Ritzo Holtman

Day 20 5th January: Left for Quang Si. Reached Quang Si. Almost lost GoPro (clone) after diving into the pool created by the waterfall. Some helpful locals dived and found the GoPro. Met this guy called Tony who took pictures in his DSLR but never mailed them over. Took the night bus back to Vientiane. Didn’t have a seat, had to sit on the floor/stool. This 9 hour bus journey beat the 23 hour journey in terms of discomfort.

Quang Si

Day 21 6th January: Went around Vientiane. Took the bus to the border crossing at Nong Khai. Took the evening train to Bangkok.

Day 22 7th January: Arrived at Bangkok. Found a place at Khao San. Went around Bangkok.

Breakfast at a stall opposite Merry V

Day 23 8th January: Tried climbing the Ghost Tower. The doors were locked, the guard wouldn’t allow us nor would he accept a bribe. Went around Bangkok. The malls are big there.

Ghost Tower Siam Paragon

Day 24 9th January: Went around Bangkok. Had to go to the Airport at Night.

Day 25 10th January: Landed at Kolkata. Had the celebration lunch. Took the evening Rajdhani Express to New Delhi.

So total was around 27 days. Our trip was a bit rushed but it was fun and it wasn’t stressful either. My trip was just under 900$. That includes souvenirs, flight tickets from Kolkata, train tickets from New Delhi, five visas all bus tickets, all food and accommodation and basically expenditure specific to the trip.