This is the end of the year. This is it. This is what we have been waiting for. This one will be a bit different, after the regular monthly retrospective I’ll look at the goals I had set out in the mother of all retrospective posts, the original one from February.

Retrospective for November

  1. Running: I wanted to run minimum 87.42, I am done with 185. No material wins. ✅

  2. Weight: I wanted to end the month at 60, I am 62.1 this morning. Clear failure. More on this later. Will be donating £50 ❌

  3. Reading: Wanted to finish Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins. Its done. No material wins here. ✅

  4. Exercise: I was in Dubai for 2 weeks but I still got done wit the minimum 12, I did 13. ✅

Here’s the £50 charity.


Retrospective for the year

This is coming from the February post linked above, this was done without COVID in mind

  1. Running: 1000km running ✅

  2. Running: Run 2 half marathons, I am done with one I can do another one quite easily this week. Should be done!

  3. Running: Run a full marathon, I again talked about doing this early January, might just get to it. Lets see!

  4. Boxing: I did go for classes regularly before the pandemic happened, now going gymming. Will cut myself some slack on this.

  5. Build A Product: Say Hi to Fetch! ✅

  6. Extreme Ownership At Work: Had no measures for this but have got good feedback so far. ✅

Month Planning

  1. Running I want to run 125km this month so that I can get to 1500km. That’s the minimum. I define getting to 1550km as ideal and 1609km as good. Let’s see! It’s already beyond the yearly goal. Looking back at the yearly goal, I want to run one more half marathon this month. £50 loss if I don’t hit 125km for the month.

  2. Weight I want to be back below 60. I definitely don’t want to go up any more. 2kg a month is ambitious and realistic and should keep me occupied. £50 is the loss. If I win I finally get that smart scale so that I can have body fat related goals later!

  3. Meditate I barely meditated in November as I stopped tracking it. I want to do at least 15 meditations this month. No material wins here, £50 loss if I don’t meditate.

  4. Reading I want to read Genghis Khan and the Making of The Modern World this month.

Otherwise, I plan on continuing to build Fetch in my free time, maximizing home cooking while I can and travelling at the end of the year. Let’s see!