Mid March Update



I was supposed to have friends come over. We were supposed to go to Spain. Neither happened because of the Corona virus. When Spain had 100 patients on the 2nd of March we decided to abort our trip to Spain that was going to be between the 8th and 15th of March. By the 15th Spain had about 8000 cases. It’s at 18,077 cases.

The silver lining was that I could continue working on my fitness.

  1. Running I was supposed to run 90.33400 km. I’m already done with 100.3 km If things go according to plan, I’ll be done with 172 km. So I’m getting a fitness watch, too bad the Apple store is closed. Garmin 945 or Series 5? ✅

  2. Weight I made conservative estimates as I was supposed to be holidaying with friends. I wanted to be under 70 kg. Well this morning I was 68.90 kg. Not being social helps with losing weight. There was no win function here but I’m off the hook for donation. ✅

  3. Reading The dark forest is finished. I have 11 days to finish 3 more chapters of the intelligent investor. I think this goal will be on my side, that means I get a book. I’m thinking of getting The Algebra of Happiness by Prof Galloway. Almost ✅. I’ll start reading the last in the series of the Remembrance of Earths Past series, Deaths End.

  4. Side Project I’m headed to lose access for Seinfeld. This is sad. I did some work on Indiecasters but the project is far from release, I then worked on another small app and that is far from release. Now I have started working on a Gameboy emulator, but even if I do that diligently it will take too long. Reminder: Win was getting Netflix back, last month the win for this and being under 70 kg was a new phone. Loss was losing access to Seinfeld. Life will be very boring with quarantine plus no Netflix/Seinfeld. I better work!


The new phone at under 70 kg goal is being pushed now. Why? Well I’m waiting for a new iPhone to come out. If it comes out, with the virus going around. Also, the under 70 kg goal happened faster than I expected. Also, currently I don’t need a phone. My personal phone(though old) and work phone seem fine for now. Unless either of them breaks, the new condition for a new phone is

  1. A shipped side project
  2. Weight under 65 kg. Can’t be too far off can it?

Also the new ideal weight is 59kg. So that I have something to work for.