Another decent month. Weight loss still a failure.


  1. Running: I wanted to run 172k, I ran 167k. I lost ❌

  2. Reading: I wanted to finish the Heart of the Buddha’s Teachings, I only did 50%. I lost ❌

  3. Weight: I wanted to weigh 61, I weighed in at 63.60. I lost ❌

  4. Mindfulness: I don’t think I did ten sessions. ❌

  5. Cycling: Think I went cycling once. ❌

  6. Swimming: Coach can’t teach at my building any more. ❌

Bad month I know. I need to make a come back this month and stay on the path.



  1. Running: Taking the amount of day left in the year and the number of kilometers I have already run, I have to run 167k this month to be on track. I’ll get this done. If I don’t win then 50 GBP charity, if I win I get an Apple Mag Safe Charger.

  2. Reading: I plan on reading “The Book of Five Rings” this month. If I win I get another book. If I can’t read this book I am free to pick another book and finish it. If I don’t win I lose 50 GBP to charity.

  3. Weight: I desperately want to get to 61 now. I have been ordering junk and not fasting. I have not been measuring my weight. I am at 63.60 this morning. I’d be happy to get to 61.60 at the end of the month. If I win I get a smart scale, if I lose I lose 50 GBP to charity. I’ll get this done.

  4. Mindfulness: I go harsh on myself. I need to practice some Metta(loving and Kindness) meditation. No goals here. I’ll report how it goes.

In addition to the above I want to sign up for a gym but no pressure on that either.