Looking back on March


  1. Running Run 90.334 km. Assumed that I’d run 112 km because of the trip. Well the trip didn’t happen, due to COVID-19. Ended up running 114.4 km. Haven’t been running in a week now. There’s a lockdown and the near by running track is closed. ✅ As I got this done, I’ll get an Apple Watch whenever stores open up again.

  2. Weight Wanted to be under 70kg. I’m 69.25 as of this morning. I lost 2.3 kg this month. In the last week diet has been off, and no exercise due to Corona. ✅ There was no win here but no loss either

  3. Reading I wanted to finish The Dark Forest and read 5 chapters of Intelligent Investor. Done with both and started with the next book Deaths End. ✅. I get to buy a book, I’ll buy The Algebra of Happiness whenever the existing books are done.

  4. Side project I wanted to ship a product. I did. Here’s foodfortheworld.love. ✅. I get Netflix back and get to keep Seinfeld access. ✅

I’m lucky enough to work remotely and have savings. I made a donation to “Give India”. You can find the link to this charity in our side project above!



Corona posses uncertainity. Lots of time gets spent looking at the spread of the virus, the affect on stock markets and speaking with family & friends. A lot of time gets spent at home and for the past week I haven’t been diligent with IF.

  1. Running Abu Dhabi is supposed to lift of curfew in a week. I need to run 87.42 km this month minimum. I think I can still go running if its before 8 pm or after 6 am. If that’s true I’d like to run 4 km a day, 8 km on Friday and 8 km on Saturday. Every second saturday I’ll run 12 km. If that works out then I’ll have run 160 km. If I can’t go running then I’ll do an online work out. No prizes for minimum, if I don’t achieve the minimum I donate to a diabetes/food charity.

  2. Weight I think I need to be ambitious here. With the quarantine it’s rather easy to sit at home and do nothing. Rather sit and home and just keep eating. I’m currently at 69.25. At the end of the month I’d like to be under 66.5. Same, if I lose I donate to charity if I win I get a smart weighing machine. That will make metrics easier.

  3. Reading I’ll finish Deaths End and read 5 more chapters of the intelligent investor. With the increased home time, maybe I should pick up a mooc. More on this later. Maybe it’s time to pickup frontend development.

  4. Side Project This is the tough one. I’m not sure how to measure this apart. Is a month enough time to build something useful? Will I keep building month long projects? To be fair I haven’t released a month long project yet. So I’ll scope out a month long project and if that works, next month I can add features to it. I spent a while thinkging about an idea that I could commit to, nothing came up. I’ll post an idea on the blog tomorrow otherwise I’ll be happy making a gameboy emulator that can barely run Pokemon red.


I like Circle CI as a product, will be building my own CI.


Haven’t been boxing in two or three weeks now cause of the virus. How are you folks holding up?

Anyone actually doing better during Corona than before?