early month reality check

In the last two months around the 17th or the 20th I’d post early wins where the minimum number of kilometers was hit. This months it’s going to be the opposite. That sucks. I’ve been blaming this on the virus. I can’t be outside of the home at all after 8 pm till 6 am. I can’t be away from my building apart from essentials and the nearest running track is closed. I’ve also started snacking outside of IF hours. So that isn’t holding either. The combination of work out and IF worked well. Now both of them have been crashing. I don’t have a proper schedule any more. I’m busy with work and then the I barely have any time before the 8 pm curfew. Should I start waking up early? That’s tough.

I’m taking out time to reflect on the last 8 days in order to decide what can be done.

April Revisited

Corona has been winning. I’m tuning these rules, adding more prizes but not subtracting punishments.

  1. Running Want to do a minimum of 87.42 km. Have barely run at all with the restrictions. New rule, can replace a run with a similar calorie NTC workout. Punishment: Donate GBP 50 to diabetes charity or food bank. Win: I get twins heavy jumping ropes.

  2. Weight 2. Weight I aimed at being 66.5. I started at 69.25. I have seen lows of 68.5. That’s still two far from the goal! Measured at 69.05 this morning. Note to self only eat between 1pm and 9pm. No matter what day of the weak. Note to self don’t buy dorritos in the shopping center. Note to self, stick to 1500 calories. Still a little hopeful here, as said will stick to IF(1pm to 9 pm) and 1500, will start logging IF times as a forcing function. Loss: Donation of GBP 50. Win: Weighing machine.

  3. Reading Minimum: Finish death end & 5 more intelligent investor chapters. I think deaths end will be done. I’m not so sure about intelligent investor. I started watching Aswath Damodarns investment philosophies course. Any who, Loss: Education Charity and Win: A lamp!

  4. Side Project Wanted to ship a defined project. Currently the project is basic CI. Haven’t made much progress here. Maybe over the weekend? Loss: 50GBP to Wikipedia and loss of Netflix. Win: Hitman 2.