Its been a month since the last post. I thought I’ll write something.

In the past month I moved into my own place. It’s a nice small room really close to work and have fabulous flat mates.

I took part in a hackathon to save wildlife. We built a system that would alert poachers based on the sensor data we called it ARAS short for Automatic Ranger Alert System.

It was a fun hackathon organized by ZSL, the zoological society of London and I got to explore the London zoo after and before hours.

Bloomberg was a sponsor of the hackathon and as it was for a good cause my time spent at the hackathon counted for Dollars for your hours scheme. If you accumulate 50 hours you get to donate $5000 to a cause you support. That’s really cool, Bloomberg donates almost all it profits to non-profits across the world.

A Tiger at the Zoo

It was a really eventful month. I met a few family friends in Wolverhampton, the last time I had met them was 15 years ago in Glasgow. Had Diwali, Halloween, Guy Fawkes Day and London really lights up on these days. I also had a friend from University visit London in the last week. So I’ve been busy.

I’ve been productive at work but not much outside it. Haven’t got any side projects running at the moment but I hope to start soon.

I joined a gym recently, Fitness First. I regain all the calories I lose as I visit takeaways for dinner. This has inspired me to work on a project to search food on the Internet by Calories.

  • Enter your post code
  • You’ll see dishes with their calorie and nutritional information
  • Browse away in all your glory

Coming Thursday I visit India for my cousins marriage. Trip starts in Bangalore, always Bangalore. Meet a few friends then fly to Ranchi for the marriage. Go to Lucknow and Patna to visit more family and finally go to Delhi before I take my flight back to London.

After I am back I’ll have about a week to finish whatever I have been working on with my team as my training starts from the fourth of December.

I’ve been reflecting on the Bring it On 2017 post that I wrote earlier this year. I hate to admit, it isn’t going according to plan. More on that later!

Kudos to Aditya Vijaykumar for motivating me to write a post on my Blog again. See you on soon brother.