What have I managed to do in the last week?

  • Got a few pull requests accepted
  • Reviewed someone elses code

I’m picking up speed. I’m slowly understanding how the code works and how C++ works. Also, as I continue my work I understand the importance of const. We are very sensitive about using consts wherever we can.

I’ve narrowed down on a few house choices and should have started working on the deposits and contract for one of them by Monday. One of them only becomes available on 21st of October, so I’ll be needing a place to stay for about 12 days.


I recently uploaded a video of a man busking in Piccadilly circus. He was playing the bagpiper and fire would come out of his pipes. Mujeeb suggested that I should start a channel or weekly posts interviewing these buskers or posting about them. Let’s see how this goes.

I haven’t yet started working on the promised emulator. I did spend some time finding the perfect C++ template though. I’m going with the one with the most stars. I need to start and be regular. The contribution graph won’t color itself.

I also need a non electronic skill. I put travel and programming as my interest wherever the field exists. The thing is I can’t be traveling all the time and it really isn’t a hobby. On the other hand programming is also my full time job so it isn’t really an exit. Suggestions?

I’m thinking of hitting the Comedy Club, this Tuesday. I have to perform once by 31st December to be true to one of my New Year resolutions.