I thought I wouldn’t write this but I just saw a great post by @shubh24.

Unlike his post this post has no recaps. If you want a re-cap, read my blog. See my videos. Go through my GitHub.

This post talks about what was not done instead. The inspiration for this post came after my sister handed me the final speech I gave as Head Boy of Army Public School Pune. You can find the speech here.

A big part of the speech comes from Steve Jobs, Rocky Balboa, Any Given Sunday, Confucius and others. Why reinvent the wheel right?

So I visited Khajuraho recently and on the way I stopped at Jhansi. In front of someones office I found this.


This sums up my plan for 2017. I’m trying to get off the path to mediocrity and on the path towards greatness. As Gary V says in his video, the age 22 is the greatest time in anyones life.

My speech unknowingly acted as one of those letters you write to yourself X years in the future. College kicked in reality and the dreams became dreams. I can’t let this continue, I can’t fail the boy who wrote the speech 4 years ago.

Don’t settle, Do more is the mantra for 2017. I’ve listed out a few things that I plan to do regularly in 2017.

  • Do
    • No Soda
    • Regular Video Logs
    • Run Daily
    • Make Something Beautiful(a product)
    • Research Paper from my time at Singapore University of Technology and Design
    • Stand up comedy at an Open Mic
  • Learn
    • Master Web Security
    • Full Stack Dev
    • Harmonica
    • Half Marathon
    • Cooking
    • Functional Programming
  • Travel
    • Bali

Regarding making something beautiful, if you are a font end developer and want to work on a project(or many projects) do mail me. I get back ends running but some projects never materialize because of my terrible CSS and front end skills.

I had made a list earlier called Goals. Again I’ll not mention what was done rather I’ll mention what wasn’t done. I’ve wanted to do bug bounties for a while now. I plan on starting off and getting good with Bug Bounties in 2017. It ties into my love of web security and goal of living and working remotely. I thought I would have a product with a good user base with @psdh and @shubh24 by the end of last semester but that didn’t happen. Let’s see when that happens, no rush.

Bring it on 2017. Bring it on life.