I thought I’ll have all the answers after traveling. I don’t have any answers sorry. With the monthlies I plan on getting life back on track, and hope to get ideas from there. I was away from home for 3 weeks of December, and that’s my excuse for not doing most of this months goals.


  1. Running I wanted to run 125k, I ended up running 113k. That’s 12k short for the month, closed the year at 1488, 488 above the goal. I lose £50 for this. ❌

  2. Weight I haven’t really been IFing in America. I’d be surprised if my weight is below 60. I’d call this a loss too. Lose £50 here. ❌

  3. Meditate I meditated 7 times, that’s 8 short. So this is a loss too. £50 loss here as well. ❌

  4. Reading I finished almost 80% of the Genghis Khan book, 8 out of 10 chapters. No losses here, but not done. ❌

I chose the WFP again, why not! I already donate monthly to it. As I had three losses, here’s the £150 donation. All of these losses together hurt, but its the end of the year. Good time to give.


So this month hasn’t been great goal wise. Time to start over. I am in Dubai now, and I am here till the 12th. I’ll not have any quarantine. I don’t have a lot of goals for 2021, but some of them are

2021 boiler plate

  1. Running 2000k: This is ambitious, that’s twice of last years goal. If I could get to 1488k while aiming at 1000k, I should be able to do this too. As I haven’t run at all in the last 4 days, this currently is at 5.54k a day. Better start cracking!

  2. Reading: I want to read a book a month at least, like last year. I want to center a lot of this reading around space.

  3. Swimming: Assuming COVID doesn’t affect this year completely, I’d like to learn how to swim and be really comfortable swimming.

  4. Martial Arts: I’d like to pick a martial art(say Muay Thai) and be decent at it, if there’s no COVID. I am not sure though how I’ll be mixing this goal with the running goal. Shubhankar, wants to do a sparring session in June I think, so that’s exciting.

  5. Mindfulness: I don’t have numbers here, but I have an year long subscription of waking up with Sam Harris that I should make use of.

  6. Running Marathons: I want to be able to run full marathons this year. I have done two halfs last year, and I was in a position where I could run a half marathon at will. It would be great if I could do something similar with full marathons. Let’s aim for a full marathon at the end of June.


  1. Running: At 5.54k a day, I have about 27 days more this month. I’ll round it up to 150 this month. Let’s start running again. £50 loss if this doesn’t work out. A win here can offset other losses.

  2. Reading: I will finish The Martian by the end of this month. That’s the minimum. £50 if I don’t. This win can offset other losses. Bonus: I finish the Genghis Khan book as well.

  3. Mindfulness: Lets plan for something easy here. I’ll be happy if I do 10 meditation sessions. £50 loss other wise. No wins.

  4. Weight: I don’t know what my current weight is. I’ll only be able to weigh myself on the 12th of January. I was 62.1 at the beginning of December, I am willing to wager that I am there or higher now. I’ll aim for being under 60. I don’t think I’ll get there but I think that will at least help keep the diet in check. £50 loss if I don’t. A smart scale, whenever I get under 60!