This month was okay! I got somethings done. I didn’t get somethings done. February will be better!


  1. Running: I wanted to run 5.54k a day for a total of 150. I just finished 150.1k. So this was good! ✅

  2. Reading: I wanted to finish The Martian. I got to just 20%. Pretty sad about this result. ❌

  3. Mindfulness: I did do 10 meditation sessions. So just broke even. ✅

  4. Weight: I wanted to be below 60. I am 63.54 as I write this. This doesn’t sit well with me. More on this later! ❌

Net I broke even. I don’t plan on doing penalty cancellation prizes againl.


  1. Running: I need to do 5.54k a day still to reach my goal. For the month of February I plan on doing a minimum of 155k. If I win I get new shoes. If I lose, I lose 50 pounds.

  2. Reading: I plan on finishing The Martian. If I win, I get to buy a book. If I lose I lose 50 pounds.

  3. Weight: This was a colossal failure. I’ll rework this. I have started by deprecating last years sheet and starting afresh. I am at 63.54 kilos right now. I want to get to 57 kilos. I’ll start small, for this month I’ll be happy losing 2 kilos and being at 61.54 at the end of February. I’ll record calories diligently. If I win I get a smart scale, if I lose I lose 50 pounds.

  4. Mindfulness: I’ll be happy if I do 10 sessions of this. No wins, no losses.

  5. Cycling: I went cycling last weekend and I absolutely loved it! The cycling goal is to do 20k every weekend. No wins, no losses for this month.

  6. Swimming: I want to have found a swimming instructor by the end of the month.