So I applied to the TopTal Web developers group today. TopTal promisses to get great clients to great freelancers. I have never freelanced earlier but I have good programming experience. If you have ever read this blog earlier you know that the blog is about two things programming and traveling.

One of my goals for the year was to set up a freelancing profile. This would help me achieve two important things

  • Financial Independence
  • Location Independence

Krabi Sea Facing

This is one of the best views I could find on Google Images. I don’t need it to be this fancy.

One of the things I dream of is to freelance while moving around the world for a few years after graduation at least. This dream is partially inspired by Gary Vaynerchuck’s video.

I want to rent a sea facing room in Krabi and work on my project while I sip fresh lemonade. These things look possible only if I freelance or if I have a job that offers great work from home, toptal seems to offer both. TopTal filters out the countless low end offers that usually don’t convert to jobs on UpWork. Hoping that TopTal accepts my application.