Remeber this post. Well I do?

Update on the monthly goal

  1. Running Run 84.56 km. Yesterday I ran 8.07 km, making it to 85 km monthly. Today I ran another 3 and I’m at 88 km. I still have about 9 days left. With my current plan I should be at least at 133 km by the 29th of February. That’s 3 km/day on weekdays, 5 km on Fridays and 10 km on Saturdays. This is good news as next month I have friends coming over and then I go traveling, so next month I’ll be happy reaching the monthly minimum! Also, this means I’m getting running earphones. More on that later!

  2. Weight I need to lose 3 kg. I was 75.95 and as of this morning I’m 72.55 kg. That’s 3.4 kg in 19 days! Not bad. This isn’t a win just yet as I may easily go over 73 and lose this. Reminder to self, if I don’t end up with a net loss of kg I’ll have to donate £50 to a Diabetes Charity. The weight tracker. Intermittent fasting and 1500 calories work well together.

  3. Reading This hasn’t been going so well honestly. I’m at the 23% mark. Guess, I haven’t been good at reading. I will still try to finish this book. For the next month, if I don’t hit reading goals the loss function would be losing access to Seinfeld. I definitely watch more Seinfeld than Netflix.

  4. Side project There has been more progress on side projects than past months but I’m not sure whether I’ll meet the deadline. The back-end is making progress, the front-end is making progress but they don’t work together quiet yet. I hope to want to will finish the back-end by the end of the weekend (Saturday night). Reminder, the loss function is Netflix ban for a month & £50 to an open source project.


I’m in the market for truly wireless running earphones. I have come across the Airpods Pro, Bose Soundsport Free, Jabra Elite 75t, Beats Powerbeats Pro and JBL Reflect. I feel the Airpods will just fall off and I’m not sure about the how well the earphone fits. The Bose Soundsport sound great but the battery dies early at 5h, I imagine a hypothetical scenario where I start running for more than 5h and that makes me not want to buy these. Currently the Powerbeats are the likely choice, I’ll check out the Apple store tomorrow to get a feel of them.