I had been thinking of moving from my tumblr to somewere else for a while now. I had absolutely no time during the $1000 Challenge. After coming back to college, I wasted a week and from the 22nd of January productivity was at its peak. That is when RevMine, RouteRush, LaMusique, Recobot, Monica and Wolfe came to life. I published to pypi packages and one chrome extension. Won two hackathons, qualifiers of Microsoft Build the Shield, an HP event and APOGEEā€™s very own Project Presentation Event.

This was followed by four bad days in which me and @psdh made a lexer, parser and a first and follow set for a toy language. After this we had a our batchsnap and the night of the batchsnap I sat for an hour looking for possible themes, I found beautiful-jekyll and loved the authors site and decided to use it.

That is how this blog was born. This is a pre dated post. The post Once upon a time in Vietnam was written 17 hours before this one.

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