What separates a school level Athlete from a State Level Athlete? What separates a State Level Athlete from a National Level Athlete?


When Valentina Rossi was new to the scene and was competing against Max Biagi an all time champion, history was made. Valentina Rossi beat Max Biagi, post match analysis showed how this happened. Did Rossi have a faster bike? Did Rossi press the Throttle faster?

No. Rossi, was consistent. He was at the peak of his sport and had a consistent heart rate despite riding at a crazy speed. A rider would tell you the work of a rider is to make a curvy track look straight.

Are you an athlete in what you do? Are you that religious about it?

Do you put in the hours after work to work on your skills? Or do you think your talent is everything?

Strive to be an athlete.

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