So I have been living in London for a week.

What have I managed to do in the last week?

  • Opened a Bank Account (mail me if you want to send money)
  • Collected my BRP Card
  • Applied for my insurance number
  • Got a pull request accepted
  • Turned 22

I’ve been running around a lot last week. It shall continue till I get an apartment and find a Doctor.

I also turned 22 last Friday. Bloomberg has a tradition in which you bring doughnuts to the office. I did that. In the evening I was lucky to have a friend from Singapore in London!

Over the week I explored a lot of Bloomberg Functions and code. I have created another PR for review.

I also visited a lot of food stalls near my office. Whitecross street has a really nice selection! I highly recommend it.

I have developed a throat congestion. Hopefully I am okay by tomorrow. Will rest, rest of the weekend.